Best Image Photo Masking Services in UK, USA and India

image masking services

Image masking is the process of removing the background from the difficult things or objects such as fur, hair, net or the things which is difficult to remove by clipping path and other methods. This is being done in computer imaging software such as Photoshop or Affinity etc.

Image masking is a very tedious job which takes too much time to do it. It is definitely very much time killing for every artistic person such as photographers or an art director. We have a very good experience in doing image masking and we have been doing it for years with latest techniques and software. We have been doing photo masking work for fashion and model photographers, photo studios, media houses, printing labs, newspapers and magazines, e-commerce companies, advertisement agencies for over 20 years and our customers are fully satisfied with it.

You may test it by sending us a few test images at no fee. Our price starts at $1.5/image with very good offers and discounts for the regular and bulk images.

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