Beauty retouching

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It's a process which involves computer imaging software such as Photoshop or Affinity etc. to change the appearance of the digital photos.

Image editing is a work-process of making a digital photo more attractive or changing its appearance according to what we want to see. Photo retouching process includes works such as Making skin smooth, slimming, removing pimples, removing stray hair from the face or body, removing blackheads, increasing or decreasing brightness or contrast or even lighting level, removing wrinkles from the face, body or even the garments, removing unwanted objects or person. Besides using image editing or photo retouching process by a photo studio, image seller, newspapers or magazines, Image editing is also used by the e-commerce online stores to make their product or model look more attractive.

Our Photo Retouching Portfolio

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Photo retouching is widely used by Photo studios who want their customers to be fully satisfied with the pictures they click and deliver and also most of the people want their photos to be a little glamorous look.

Most of the magazines or newspapers want the model they print to look very much attractive and appealing. These all jobs are done with the help of photo retouching.

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