Ghost Mannequin services

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Ghost mannequin is also known as invisible mannequin or neck joinery or back joinery. Ghost mannequin is a technique which is used to give the garments such as jeans, t-shirts, pants, shirts, jackets, blazers to give a hollow man effect. This way one can imagine the garment as wearing themselves without wearing it with that 3D look. Online stores or e-commerce companies mainly use this technique to attract their customers by providing them the easy options that the garment they are buying is suitable to them or not. To create this effect the photography is done in a way which gives an extra image to add or insert the back part.

We have a very well experienced large team of a designers to do this job 24 hours a day. We can do an excellent ghost mannequin job. The price we can offer is a low extremely low. The price starts at $0.50 per ghost mannequin image. We will also give the very good discount for the bulk and regular jobs.

Our Ghost Mannequin Portfolio