Importance of graphic design for e-commerce companies

Graphic design is quite a wonderful art. They just don’t have a degree of graphic design, they have inside desire of designing images. They know how to decorate an image and how it will look wonderful, attractive and appealing striking. They know which color suits best together, and how to put together a comprehensive design from thousands of pieces of information about the client and intend audiences of the business. It is absolutely important to have the professionally designed photos for your website.

With the right decoration, lighting, the music playing in the background, even the fragrance in the store all contributes to the overall shopping experience. When done right. If the shop is attractive shopping too becomes enjoyable, a customer spends more time in the store, comes back more often. In e-commerce you it’s not only essential to grab the customer’s but attention quickly but give them the right visual cues to tempt them to shop more and to visit and shop again in the future. The images have to act as your choices, act as your decoration.

Here are a few examples of how a professional can give you an advantage over your competition:


With millions of e-commerce business sites on the web page, your website only has 3 seconds to attract and engage the customer when they land on your homepage, otherwise they have probability to leave the page.  You should have that talent of differentiate yourself from the websites that have the similar products as yours. There are thousand s of website which have pre-made shopping cart templates out there, but even the least web savvy customer


Color is one of the most important aspects of the design. The colour should not be representing your brand only but the industry too. Using the appropriate color for your demographic is key, or your risk alienating your potential clients. For example, if your are targeting products for  men using a pink theme would obviously not be a wise choice, nor would using red for a site selling stress-relief products. Each color generates an emotional response, and a graphic designer will know exactly which palate to use for the site’s demographic and product line.

Visual Hierarchy

I keep thinking at what site owners want to draw attention to when we are creating the initial design.You don’t need to make your promo code banner huge and bright red so no one will miss it, or make the social media icons big and right in your face. Shouldn’t then user be drawn to the products themselves, and then be given a clear progression to the checkout? After all, then goal off any e-commerce site is to sell, so that should always be the path you guide the customer to.


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